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Screen Timer lets a parent or guardian easily set time limits on how long the kids can use their device for games, surfing, entertainment, or other activities (screen time). Its easy to use and once they've reached their time limit, they are prevented from using more apps in the same category.
"Hands down, the easiest app to use. Simply set it, forget it, and it controls their screen time!"
Compatible with over 3500 android devices including Kindle.
Kids love phones & tablets... whether their surfing, playing games, or other activities. Screen Timer easily enables a Parent, Guardian, or User configure time limits on the overall device usage or the usage by category.
Flexible & Really Easy To Use - the parent or guardian simply:
- Creates a password.
- Categorizes the installed apps based on your preferences.
- Sets the Overall time limits or time limits by App Category.
- Lets the user play.
- When the time limit is reached, Screen Timer prevents additional apps from opening... encouraging the user to "put the device down".
After my wife and I discovered how much time our children were spending in front of the screen of their device, we decided to limit their usage. However, doing so manually created arguments and physically taking the devices away was not the type of control we wanted. We quickly realized that this micro-managing was creating problems. Our desire was always to give them the freedom to use their devices, but set age and behavior appropriate screen time limits (overall or by category) for the user. So we created “Screen Timer”.
Screen Timer is configured by a parent, guardian, or user to limit the device user's screen time. Once configured, the user can use the device as normal, but once their timed usage meets the timer configuration they will be prevented from using more apps or more apps in this category until the timer resets. As the parent or guardian, you can override the timer by entering your password, which will simply restart the timer.
Aligned with numerous organizations and initiatives around screen time, including:
- American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)
- Healthy Active Living
- Be Our Voice - a Project of the National Initiative for Children's Healthcare Quality (NICHQ)
- Center to Prevent Childhood Obesity
- "The Screen Dilemma"


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