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Math 1 - easy math with Fragenbär

发行商: Spielend Lernen Verlag
价格: 8.02 USD


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We are very delighted winning The Kids App Award 2013 in the category "School Starter Apps" :))
If you have any queries oder suggestions for improvement, please do not hesitate to contact us: android_a@spielend-lernen-verlag. Thank you!
Counting properly with Fragenbär: Save the Drippos – 10 math games (No In-App Purchases)
Fragenbär and the little cheerful Drippos are having a great deal of fun on their island. Until all of a sudden one day the big shaggy island monster wakes up … their frolicking is disturbing his sleep. And without further ado he grabs all Drippos that he can get his hands on and banishes them from their island to the neighboring islands. In order to save his friends Fragenbär now needs the player’s help: they have to help him to free the Drippos by solving the arithmetic problems. That is the only way to save them! The number of Drippos each player is able to get back home is documented in the high score and on a certificate that can be colored by the individual player at the end of the game. 
Exciting mental arithmetic training with the help of lifebelts
Each player starts off with 3 lifebelts. They are automatically used up each time the player makes a mistake. Each player has a second chance and is given the opportunity to correct the math problem alone or can use the lifebelt to get to the solution path – without any hurry. Once a player has saved 10 Drippos, he automatically gets an additional lifebelt.  
The game is over once all lifebelts have been used up. Each player gets a certificate showing the number of Drippos he has managed to save plus his high score. Gold-colored documents are awarded for 100 Drippos. All certificates can be colored, saved and used over and over again.
The players can chose the islands on which they would like to save Drippos. Each child is thus given the chance to reach the finishing line no matter how good the child is at mathematics.
Learning content
· Diversified addition and subtraction problems up to 20 with and without carrying tens:
· Calculating sums and differences
· Completing equations correctly
· Filling the matching arithmetic operators into an equation
· Solving equations with changing wildcards
· Finding the right arithmetic task to match given solutions
· Adding 3 numbers
· Dividing by 10
· Distinguishing between greater than, smaller than, equal to and
identifying the appropriate arithmetic operators > =


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