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发行商: MK2MTB-S
价格: 免费



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Feature - This is a full version. There is no limitation unlike a lite version. - After starting this App, a copy of word via Clipboard enables you to do search of the word with using a dictionary application of ColorDict3, GoldenDict, EBPocket or OLEX Dictionary or online dictionary. You can do it from anywhere if a screen (or application) supports a text copy to the clipboard. - A pop-up search is done without fullscreen block if you select ColorDict or GoldenDict. - This App does not have a function as dictionary and hence at least one of above Dic Apps is needed. - The searched word is registered as "Search History" in the list of this App. - The "Search History" is displayed on this App itself and you can search again there by only tapping. - A word in the "Search History" can be edited by tapping and holding. - Merge of words in the "Search History" is possible when it has duplicated words. - This App is callable state as an icon in the notification area when you minimize this App after starting. Other function - Web dictionary window size can be adjustable. You can do it from "Option window" or by doing swipe up/down out of the area of the web dictionary window. - Notification area has three buttons. - "Dic Sel" : Dictionary select mode. Just after copy to clipboard, you can select dictionary via a popup dialog. - "Clip En": Enable -> Search enable by copy to clipboard / Disable -> None action (Same as not starting Clip2Dic) - "Dic : Start or re-start dictionary app / web dictionary - Other details Please refer to "Help" in this app.


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