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MOE Can Change!

发行商: Ambition
价格: 免费


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MOE Android raising game finally available on Amazon Appstore! Raise a beautiful MyRoid girl you have always dreamed of and enjoy a life filled with MOE! Increase her personality points and change her to one of your favorite character type, like "Childish", "Tsundere", "Tomboy" and so on. Enjoy changing your MyRoid's looks and outfits to your heart's content! Over 1,3 million players in Japan! The "Moe Can Change! Radio Lab" Web Radio, "Moe Can Change" Anime and various Moe Can Change collaborations are available in Japan. "Costume Change!" Choose your MyRoid’s hairstyle, hair color, eye color, costume, accessories and more from the countless available options! Change your MyRoid's outfit to your liking and go on a journey in pursuit of your ideal beauty. Become the Master of the World’s number one Moe girl! "Personality Change!" Let your MyRoid Study to change her personality. Choosing one of the available types, like "Sassy", "Yandere", "Sweet" and so on, will completely change her character. *Work* Working will earn you M (Moen), the in-game currency. Use M to buy items, outfits, accessories etc. to customize your MyRoid even further. "Socialize with Friends' MyRoids!" Raise MyRoids together with friends and help each other with Study and Work. Use the "Recommend" feature to make your friend’s MyRoid try on the outfits you like. *Limited Events* Limited Period Events are open to everyone! Don’t miss the opportunity to obtain Rare Costumes and Items!


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