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发行商: Nikola Kosev
价格: 免费


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Mirror app for your phone and tablet! Using your front camera to check your look has never been so easy. Default camera application is complex and you have to press buttons and change settings to use front-facing camera. In contrast, with this mirror you do this with just one tap. Also you can freeze the picture, without the need of taking photo and going to the gallery.
Why to use Mirror:
- Check your hair
- Fix your makeup
- Apply your contact lenses
- Many more!
- Single-tap mirror
- The fastest startup time
- Free app without ads
- Clean and simple interface
- Freeze picture function
- Support for phones and tablets
- Support for Android 2.3 to 4.3
This application is completely free and without ads. It only contains link to my other app - Waterbot - a plants watering reminder. Also Mirror app comes with great ambition - to become the best mirror app on Google Play Store.
Supported languages:
English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Bulgarian
Used Permissions:
- Take pictures and videos: This permission is required to access device camera.
- Full network access: This permission is required by Google Analytics.
- View network connections: This permission is required by Google Analytics.
About the author:
Nikola Kosev is CTO and Co-Founder at innovative start-up company Jumpido and makes Android apps for fun. Send your feedback and comments to nikola@kosev.net. You can find more interesting projects on kosev.net

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