Snow White Cafe

发行商: Animoca
价格: 免费


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Visit the most fabulous hangout in the land of fairy tales! Help Snow White and her adorable friends run a busy café where princes and princesses from all over Fairyland come for a truly magical experience!
When the Seven Dwarves decided to take a break from mining they had no idea that catering would be such back-breaking hard work! It’s up to you to help Snow White and the dwarves run the most magical catering in the entire enchanted kingdom!
Have a wonderful adventure with Snow White, the fairest of them all! Help Snow White run her fabulous café, train the hardworking dwarves, and upgrade equipment and furniture to serve more customers and earn more coins! Challenge yourself in 9 unique stages to complete all missions and achievements!
Is your café magical enough? Prepare to be visited by various celebrities from the enchanted kingdom including Cinderella, Beauty, Rapunzel, and other wonderful characters straight out of a fairy tale!
- Adorable graphics, fit for royalty!
- Classic time management gameplay
- Purchase upgrades for your café to serve more customers more quickly
- Train hardworking dwarves to help Snow White run the café
- Includes 9 unique and exciting stages that will test your speed and strategy
- Replay previous stages to complete all missions and achievements
- Get a visit from Very Important Princes and Princesses from all over Fairyland and earn bonus coins!

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