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Icepop Showdown I

发行商: Studio Pantisniff
价格: 免费


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Full Version:
! No Ads, ! Uncensored, ! Achievements, ! All Popsicles, ! Coin Collecting, ! Arm Transparency.
! Note - This game has only been tested on several devices. To be sure the game works fine on your device, please try the free version first before purchasing this game.
Game Story:
You're a businessman on a lunch break in a park. You see a lovely lady sitting on a bench, but you're a bit shy to talk to her. But what's that? Suddenly a wild ice-cream truck appears. Maybe buying the lady ice-cream is a good way to break the ice.
Touching and holding the screen makes the girl's head go down. releasing the screen makes her head go up again. You need to find a good flow and balance to finish the ice-cream as fast as possible. When you start the game, you have a certain amount of time to eat as much of ice cream as possible. After you finished your first ice-cream the combo chain meter will start. On the top of the screen you will see "chain 1/5". Now you have to finish 4 more ice-creams and you have 5 seconds per ice-cream to keep the combo chain going. failing to eat an ice-cream within 5 seconds, restarts the combo chain meter. When you succeed in eating 5 ice-creams while keeping the combo chain going, you'll start the special bash mode. During the special bash mode, you'll see an indication that you have to tap the screen as fast as possible. Each tenth tap gives you an extra coin and after the special bash mode is finished, the girl will automatically go up and down. The more you have tapped the screen during the special bash mode, the longer she goes up and down on the ice-cream. Once she's done going up and down, the ice-cream will explode in her face and you'll get additional coins and time added. You can gain more coins and time with the more expensive ice creams, but you have to unlock them first.
Game Type:
Hentai, Ecchi, Anime, Manga, Arcade Action.
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