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排名历史显示ATOK在Amazon Appstore应用商店中的流行度以及其随着时间的变化。您可以追踪ATOK在不同国家、分类和设备上每一天每一小时的表现。









The wise Japanese input "ATOK" to which the input in Android becomes easy positively.
It is an application indispensable to Android.
- Optimize Windows and high ATOK of evaluation by Mac for Android(s).
In the conversion accuracy unique to ATOK, judge inputs in front and behind, and the optimal conversion candidate is displayed, and also it becomes so rapidly wise that they use learning the contents inputted once.
- Safe, if the character input in "touch operation" is also ATOK.
The input method united with liking, such as a "cellular phone input", a "flick input", and a "gesture input", is fullness.
Change of key size or character size is also possible.
- Ease of use unique to ATOK.
a mushroom besides convenient input functions, such as a pictorial symbol, a face mark, and a sign, -- it is loading about the "ATOK direct for mushroom" in which an application and ATOK cooperated.
- When it is, a convenient function carries a full load.
Present time and date can be inputted and also the conversion to an English word from katakana is possible.
- "ATOK Sync advance" which can share ATOK and the registration word of Windows/Mac.
The registration word raised for itself by Windows or ATOK of Mac can be inputted now also by Android.
- "ATOK keyword Express" to which a new keyword is distributed every day.
The name attached to big news and subject, the product name put on the market newly, etc. can change now automatically.
You can confirm other information on the following pages.
ATOK for Android is not available in Fire Phone.
The [!usage!] Please use for a setup of liking, changing into the state where ATOK can be used, along with guidance on an ATOK home screen (from the list of application, the tap of the ATOK icon is carried out and it is started), and changing.
You can confirm an on-line manual on the following pages.
When user's registration goes wrong, please consult from the following pages.
In reporting on a problem, please attach an application name and contact me.


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