Dragon Strike Live Wallpaper

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Forget what you know about Live Wallpapers, watch as a Cinematic Dragon Battle unfolds right before your eyes!
Witness Dragons of all types using their powers to attack a castle and its surroundings. Trebuchet's fire at nearby dragons, but the Dragons are relentless and growing in numbers, can they be stopped?
Virtual Dragon Intelligence:
Where and when the Dragons will perform various actions is unknown, even by us.
Certain events may only happen at night, and other actions may only happen once every few days. But beware, you may be next!
If you think you can handle it, Enable the FLAME DRAGON in the options menu :)
Portrait Mode Camera Rotation:
Camera rotates in portrait mode to follow the action. No need to keep flipping back and forth to Landscape mode.
Full Audio Soundtrack:
Choose background Battle music or just hear the natural sounds of the environment. You can also turn the background audio off and only listen to the Sounds of the Dragons. If you wish, you are also able to mute the sounds entirely.
The main screen (long press) → Live Wallpaper → Dragon Strike Live Wallpaper

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