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Holiday Drops - Match three puzzle

发行商: Bullbitz
价格: 1.99 USD


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Holiday Drops - Match three puzzle begins as a simple
match three board game and gradually increases
difficulties as obstacles are added and level
objectives becomes more challenging.
• Holiday themed match three puzzle game.
• 300 levels over 5 difficulty modes including relaxed no timer special.
• Multiple objectives,challenges and obstacles
• 15 Dazzling power up combinations!
• Each level presents you with unique Objectives and Challenges.
• Obstacles mixed with unique level board shapes will keep you swiping and matching for more!
• Create powerful chained power up cascades to level up!
There are four possible objectives on each level.
1. Score quota
2. Removing dark pulps
3. Bringing down candy canes.
4. Free all the Holiday items from the net.
There are two possible challenges on each level.
1. Complete the objective before time runs out.
2. Complete the objective before you run out of swaps.
1. Holiday Drum / Fruit Pie: A Drum can not be moved, can only be
cleared if an adjacent holiday item is cleared or if a Gift
box or a double holiday item power up is triggered.
Clearing a drum leaves a level 3 dark pulp.
2. Netted holiday item: A holiday item behind a net can not be moved or
swapped. Can only be removed by matching the holiday item behind
the net with two other holiday items of the same kind, or if
it's in the path of a triggered power up chain.
1. Score quota - You need to reach a certain score in order to level up.
2. Remove dark pulps.
dark pulps are removed by clearing the holiday item ontop of the dark pulp.
There are 3 levels of dark pulps. The darkest pulp needs to be removed
3 times, which means you need clear 3 holiday items ontop of that dark pulp.
Holiday drums also creates a level 3 dark pulp and needs to be cleared.
3. Bring down the candy cane
Bring down the candy cane to the bottom of the gameboard.
4. Free the netted holiday item
Free all the holiday item from net.
1. Time challenged.
Complete the objective(s) before time runs out.
2. Swap limit.
Complete the objective(s) before you run out of swaps.
Matching 4 or more holiday items rewards the player with
a power up holiday item There are 3 power ups.
1. Gift box (horizontal and vertical orientation).
2. Double holiday item.
3. Holiday tree / Christmas tree.


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