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MegaDict is a universal android POPUP offline dictionary that supports StarDict dictionary format
It's the best all-in-one android offline dictionary on the Google Play
• Support always-on-top POPUP window mode for instant looking-up
• Dictionaries work offline, no internet needed
• Word looking-up is instant
• A lot of free dictionary data are available for downloading on Google Play and internet.
• Built-in free WordNet 3.0 (En-En) dictionary data
• Supports popup mode: dictionaries now can be displayed in a small on-top windows that allow quick searching word while doing other works, such as reading ebooks or surfing web.
- Extremely useful on devices with large screen such as Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Note, Note II, HTC One X.., or tablets such as Google Nexus 7, Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, Asus Transformer, Acer Iconia Tab... But also useful for devices with smaller screen
- Popup window can be resized or moved around screen to convenient position
- Popup window automatically collapses on lost focus and expands on get focus that optimize screen's space for underlay application
• Supports quick search from popular ebook readers, such as FBReader, Moon+ Reader, Cool Reader, ezPDF Reader
- Both full screen mode and popup mode support integration from ebook readers.
• Supports StarDict compatible dictionary
• Supports dictdata from other dictionary apps, such as ColorDict, GoldenDict
• Words suggestion
• Saves search history
• Support night mode theme
• Enable/disable installed dictionaries, re-order dictionaries in search result
• Different dictionaries are displayed in different colors
• Text-to-speech to pronounce words
• Voice recognition for faster input
• Support dictionary resource (accompanied images and sounds)
• Enable pin-to-system-bar to support quick lookup from other apps: just copy words to lookup and touch on MegaDict icon in notification bar. This mode is disable by default, to enable it, please go to Settings screen.
Supported E-Book Readers:
• FBReader
• Moon+ Reader
• Cool Reader
• ezPDF Reader
• and more...
Download dictionary data
• Search for "MegaDict dictdata" from Google Play store and install dictionaries you need
• You can also use dictionary data from other popular dictionary, such as ColorDict, GoldenDict, FlexiDict
• Direct download from internet: download StarDict data file (.dict/, .ifo and .idx) from internet and copy them to "MegaDict" folder on your sdcard root
Data available: currently seen a lot of dictdata from 3rd party on Google Play, such as:
• English Wordnet offline dictionary
• English thesaurus offline dictionary
• English-Japanese offline dictionary
• English-Chinese offline dictionary
• English-German offline dictionary
• English-Spanish offline dictionary
• Bible offline dictionary
• Oxford Advanced Learners' Dictionary
• Concise Oxford English Dictionary
• Longman Contemporary English Dictionary
• English Vietnamese Dictionary
• French Vietnamese Dictionary
• Collins Thesaurus
• American Heritage Dictionary
• Wordnet Offline Dictionary
• Chinese Vietnamese Dictionary
• Cambridge Advanced Learners' Dictionary
• Collins Cobuild English Dictionary
• Korean-Vietnamese Dictionary
• American Idioms 2nd Edition Dictionary
• English Dialects Dictionary
• Russian Vietnamese Dictionary
• any more...
All dictionaries work offline (search very fast)
• Dictionary, Translate, StarDict, MegaDict, Offline Dictionary, Android dictionary
For Developer:
• Supports Dictionary API for 3rd party developers to integrate into their apps

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