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Le bonheur de lire dès 3 ans: Learn to read French

发行商: Edoki Academy
价格: 4.99 USD


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‘Le bonheur de lire’ offers a fun and catchy gameplay. The child is immersed in a small village where cute animals invite him to learn how to read French words. A visit in the store allows him to select the next word to play with. Exercises are chosen by an artificial intelligence. The more you play, the more it is difficult. It is also possible to give to the child words that he is asking for through a dynamic recording system.
After a series of challenges summarized in a progress bar, a gold coin is given to buy the next word. It is also possible to improve the learning experience by directly accessing the exercises from the menu, or by clicking on the chest that stores all collected words.
Words I Know
This essential game features 3 different levels to help the child to visualize and memorize a new word.
The Sounds of Letters
The kangaroo invites the player to correctly identify the sound of the first letter of a word. By first letter/sound associations, the child will be able to start comparing his words: "maman, it’s like marelle? "
The Letters are Singing
A bird is singing different vowels (a, e, i, o, u, é). First, the child drags a vowel to complete each of the three words and understand that all sounds are the same, even if the words that contain the vowel are different. Then, he touches all pictures to hear the word and drag the right one on the wires.
The Collections
It’s time for the squirrel to play. There is also three levels in this game in which children have to associate right phoneme to the right grapheme. He plays with sounds like ou, ette, an ...
Words Puzzles
The beaver is waiting for the player to come in his sawmill. He shows him how to cut the words into syllables and then, he invites the child to assemble the pieces to restore the original words. After, the player must select a syllable between four audio propositions.
Matching Letters
The caterpillar and the butterfly ask players to test their knowledge by assembling vowels and consonants to form syllables, always by listening to the audio instructions. This is the famous b-a = b.


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