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This is a fully functional version of GRE Vocabulary Flashcards for the GRE. It has only a few select cards for your evaluation. However, all options and features are active.
This is the Lite version for GRE Flashcards. The full version has over 2200 different GRE Vocabulary Flashcards to master the vocabulary to do well on that section on the GRE.
The program itself offers various features and options for a great and convenient learning environment which include:
- Ability to Randomize cards
- Can Flag cards for later use
- Grade cards by using gestures
- Study only missed cards, only new cards, only correct cards, flagged cards, or study all cards
- Study all categories or selected categories
- Timed mode to automatically flip card and advance cards.
- Ability to edit and delete cards
- Convenient statistics panel to see progress
- Can change background color and text color
- Can change text size
- Can see back of card first
If you enjoy our Lite version, you can purchase our full version on the app store.
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