Epic Movie Sounds and FX 3 - Epic Ringtones for Your Mobile Device

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Epic Movie Sounds and FX 3 takes the stage!
Critics and red carpet SFX aficionados from around the world have been anticipating the release of this “perfect finale for the Epic Movie Sounds and FX Trilogy.” More than 70 sounds, everything in this volume is amped-up and hyper sonic with theatrical notifications that bring you to edge of your seat to thematic and cinematic music scores, that are great for ringtones and will capture the scene of your favorite epic adventure, myth, Medieval, monster and war movies alike.
Plus, you get all original, movie themed music with every cue a professionally crafted audio masterpiece that makes outstanding ringtones, notifications and alerts and will be your ticket to wake up any boring environment.
Here’s what’s inside this portable music and sound production sound stage:
> Adventure – Take the audio of your phone on an expedition to a distant land with Star Wars and Star Trek like sounds, or how about an adventure down to earth with our version of the Interior of the Black Pearl (Pirates of the Caribbean) or Lost at Sea.
> Medieval - Hear the sounds of medieval history as our ancestors declare war and raise a siege with a battling ram, bow shots and even a catapult, and draw bridge
> Myth- Hear the creatures that lurk in lore and fairy tales in far away mythical lands - Demon Armory, Pandora-Avatar, Ambience Godzilla and of course you’ll want a Zombie Ambush too.
> World War - Listen into a number of war zones where anything can happen with Civil War Cavalry Charge, World War Battles, Flintlock Pistol and Musket Skirmish.
> Cinematic Ringtones - 14 music soundscapes and movie cues inspired by the silver screen that will easily take your phone from the ordinary to the extraordinary, all Epic Movie Sounds and FX 3 originals.
> Red Carpet Wallpaper – just to help you set the tone on your phone or portable device, you’ll be set up with 16 theater themed wallpapers. Share them with a friend. Now that’s the ticket!
In what may be the best volume of blockbuster movie sounds effects released to date, you’ll get more that 70 sounds in all. It’s more than 25 megabytes of high quality, professionally produced audio that sets the stage for an epic sounding adventure right here on your phone.
Hold on to your popcorn, sip on your soda and sit back and enjoy the wild ride of Epic Movie Sounds and FX 3. -- Now playing on a mobile phone or tablet near you!

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