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Mo Christmas Candy - Match (3) Three Game

发行商: EvolutionRed
价格: 免费


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Mo Candy Christmas- A match (3) Three Christmas Themed adventure game
Never buy lives again! Tired of waiting for free lives? The best match 3 game ever and with endless lives!
Mo Christmas Candy- For the sweet love of candy… Mo’ Candy Christmas & Holiday Edition, a charming match three game for all the candy lovers in the world.
Beautiful Christmas scenes with snow falling and great Christmas songs to put you in the Christmas spirit anytime of the year.
A Norman Rockwell Christmas wonderland awaits you...
Be dazzled by incredible chain reactions every time you make a match. Make big matches for a cascade of delightful candy explosions. With 100 levels of candy coated winter worlds, this game is simple enough for children or beginners but gradually increases in complexity to challenge even the most experienced gamer.
Music Songs- Includes famous Christmas songs favorites! Like Silent Night, Little Drummer Boy, Jingle Bells, Oh come all ye faithful...
- Every 10 levels you'll travel into a new world full of wonder.
- Power ups and deliciously sweet explosive matches
- No restrictive moves- Move your tiles anywhere on the board to make power ups and big matches
- Plan your moves ahead by allowing free movement throughout the game board
- Like playing chess or checkers were the planning in your mind matters
- With 100 levels of candy coated worlds
Quench your thirst with beautiful deliciously sweet juicy candy that liven your taste buds like a cold ice soda on hot summer day. Find a new love and get a crush on "Mo Candy".
Overwhelm your senses with spectacular saga of color explosions and awesome cascading effects.
Endless bonuses and power-ups. Tons of levels for endless entertainment. After Five levels you'll play through the nights and forget all about all the Freddy's in your life...
Mo Candy is a registered Trademark of EvolutionRed
All Rights Reserved 2013 EvolutionRed
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