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Serenity for Android

发行商: NineWorlds
价格: 1.99 USD


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Serenity for Android is a client for Emby Media Server and Plex Media Server. It provides an optimized layout for Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and navigation using a remote, gamepad, or keyboard. Serenity lets you access videos from your media server to play on your device. You can use the internal video player or external players are supported if the videos do not play on your device with the internal player. If using the internal player it will try and direct play or transcode your videos.
For the best experience we highly recommend using an Emby Media Server.
An Emby Media Server or Plex Media Server must already be running on the local network. Serenity is optimized for Remote Control use, and some game controllers. Some game controllers may not work entirely. Remote Control is recommended for use.
Video/Audio playback only supports the formats that the Amazon Fire TV natively supports (MP4/MKV).
What is supported:
* Server auto discovery
* Video containers in MKV with AAC audio, MKV/MP4 with AAC/AC3 audio
* Transcoding for all other formats.
* Any Emby Media Server version from 3.3 or higher. Plex Media Server that is not tied to Plex Pass and no security. See the Serenity FAQ for more information
* Optimized layout for TV screens and larger tablets.
* All screens Remote Control optimized.
* Some game controllers may work but not optimized for all.
* Enhanced navigation features for keyboard or remote controls.
* Movie and TV Show libraries
* Internal video player with On Screen Display and Remote Control support.
* Direct Play with internal or external media player with supported codecs
* Update viewing position when using external player
* User configurable layout preferences and starting categories
* Multiple Layouts (Grid View and Detail View)
* Content filtering via categories
* App localization for English, Spanish, and French.
What is not supported:
* Only Movie and TV Shows are supported, no Emby Premier or Plex Pass support
* Remote play back with Plex or Emby specific remote apps
* Photo Libraries
* My Plex logins or Plex Pass features.
* Emby Premier features are not supported
Users of myPlex should read our FAQ on our website in order to address any connectivity issues. Photo support is planned for later versions of the application.
Support and FAQs:
Keyboard and Remote controls:
Open Source Repository:
Issue Tracker:


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