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Book Collections for the Kindle Fire is back and better than ever with exciting new upgrades including the ability to export and import your folder data! Organizing your ebook files into folders you create has never been easier.
Now you can organize your books into customizable folders that you can create and rename. You can also edit your book's data and location to keep track of how much you've read. And you can access your books to read directly from the Book Collections app! You can now move several books into multiple folders at once, have folders within folders, move folders, search for books, sort books by author or title, permanently remove books from the app, and more!
*This app doesn't remember where I left off when I stop reading
Because of how the Fire's reading app is designed, it will not automatically remember where you stopped reading when accessed through third party apps. After exiting a book, tap the back button to return to the Book Collections app, where you'll be prompted to record your location so you can manually flip back there when finished.
*Why haven't all of my books appeared in the app?
Book Collections can only scan and display books that are stored directly on your device. Books in the cloud can be downloaded using the Fire's Books tab, then brought into Book Collections using the Scan option. Although accessing your books in the cloud would be impossible, this app is also unable to do so because it would constitute a breach of privacy to have access to your account and purchase information like that.
*Why do some books appear without a cover and have a series of numbers and letters for a title?
Some books have DRM, which is an anti-piracy measure used by publishers that add extra restrictions to a book's file. This prevents the Book Collections app from scanning them. You can edit the book's title and save it by tapping the book and going to the Edit Book Data and Location menu.
*I'm having trouble moving books into folders
There are two ways to move books into folders. You can either tap the checkboxes next to multiple books and then tap Bulk Move in the menu or tap on one specific books and tap Move To. That will bring up a directory of your folders. Tap the checkbox next to a folder to select it, and then tap OK to move it there.
*The app didn't download to my device
Keep in mind that unlike books apps on the Kindle Fire do not automatically install. Sync the device, then go to the Apps tab's Cloud section, where you'll find the app and be able to download it by tapping or tapping and holding.
Enjoy organizing your collection with Book Collections Plus!

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