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Toilet Time

发行商: Tapps Games
价格: 免费


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Toilet time. Sometimes it’s soft and quick, sometimes it’s hard and it drags. But now it can be fun every time, because consistency is important! Fill your number 2 sessions with thrilling minigames that will have you addicted to the potty and turn your restroom breaks into s-pee-ctacular poo parties!
These minigames are an absolute necessity! Take a peek:
Don’t drop the soap: tap the soap to avoid letting it fall on the floor!
Cover the seat: drag the pieces of toilet paper to cover the toilet seat!
Squish the flies: tap the flies to kill them, avoiding the yucky bug!
Something in my teeth: remove the food stuck in the teeth by dragging it on the opposite direction
Trim the beard: trim the man’s beard without scratching his face
Call of Doodie: navigate through the doors to get to the bathroom in this first-person “shooter” game
Diaper throw: tap the screen to throw the dirty diaper inside the trash bin
Wrong tile: find the different tile on the wall!
Golden fish: guide the poor pet fish to freedom by setting the plumbing straight
Crowded toilet: count how many people left their mark in this public toilet
Finish it: evacuate the meeting to finish your business
Erasing: clean up the bathroom graffiti
Sticky paper: save the bride from public shaming and remove the toilet paper stuck on her shoes
Cockroach: tap on the screen and kill the yucky cockroaches coming out of the drain
Vacant: find a vacant cabin to use
Temperature: regulate the temperature of the shower
Accident: save objects from the horrible fate of plunging into the toilet
Tubes: avoid the smelly toilets wrecked by way too many tacos!
Paper: unroll the entire toilet paper roll
Cleaning: use your pee to clean the dirt from the toilet
Sort: help men and women find the right restroom
Don’t let anyone tell you that having this much fun in the toilet is a waste of time! After all, you’ll earn keys to unlock peevotal pieces of history in the Toilet Museum, such as the fabled Egyptian urinal and the complex Time Machine Toilet!
It’s relaxing to the body, challenging to the brain, and a great way to relieve yourself from stress!
(….among other things.)
Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.


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