Rocket Ranger - Emulated Amiga Edition (German Edition)

发行商: Cinemaware
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Rocket Ranger - Emulated Amiga Edition (German Version)
Brought to you by Cinemaware®
A Master Race from Outer Space Threatens the Free World!
With the zapping of ray guns and the cries of Zombie Women, Rocket Ranger brings all the action, romance, thrills, and spills of the Saturday morning serial! The action begins with an urgent message from the future. . . a future that saw the alien race called Leutonians win the great War! An underground group of scientists in the 21st century risk their lives to send you a jet propelled rocket suit, ray gun and secret decoder wheel. Skilfully used against a cunning and ruthless foe, these devices help you change history and save mankind!
Note: This version still uses English text.

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