Ultimate Golf Tour

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Ultimate Golf Tour - hit your mark and play golf on the world’s greatest courses, from your fingertips.
In Ultimate Golf Tour, we have put 18 of the world’s most prestigious fairways into your pocket - it’s a totally new experience, even for the most experienced golfers! Can you hit a hole-in-one where many of the best will fail? Take a shot... in Ultimate Golf Tour!
The world awaits your swing, and tension arises as the ball soars through the air - waiting to find a spot on the grass below! We have taken 18 of the world’s most challenging holes, digitized them and given you the chance to beat them - all from the palm of your hands!
Use the on-screen controls to aim, control and swing in this exhilarating virtual golf game! Do you have what it takes to hit the perfect shot? With 18 holes to master, Ultimate Golf Tour will keep you hooked for hours on end with exciting putts and challenging heights to overcome!
Ultimate Golf Tour gives you a golf-fix even on a rainy day - so, put down your club and bring your feet up - it’s a totally new experience for even the best of the best! Use the mini-map to guide your shot and work your way around huge courses in a quest to be the best!
Work your way up on the leaderboard and compete against your friends to get the highest score! Earn every achievement and make your claim to fame - get a hole-in-one and become a master of the course!
Ultimate Golf Tour - play 18 of the best holes from all around the world, from the comfort of your own home!
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