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Bob Books Reading Magic #1

发行商: Bob Books Publications
价格: 2.99 USD


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Millions of kids have learned to read with Bob Books. Now children in preschool and kindergarten can explore the alphabet, learn new words, and practice phonics with our newly updated, award-winning app!

Based on beloved stories from Bob Books Beginning Readers, these phonics-based games will show your child how to:
-Combine letters and sounds of the alphabet.
-Read and sound out simple words and sentences.
-Spell the words they’ve read.

Our most popular app continues Bob Books’ commitment to bringing kids a satisfying, successful first reading experience, with easy first steps, wholesome values, phonics-based methodology, authentic hand-drawn illustrations, and engaging stories.

Your favorite Bob Books story characters in engaging animations encourage children in kindergarten and preschool along their path to literacy. Teachers, parents, homeschoolers, and librarians love Bob Books’ powerful use of phonics in our stories for young readers. Kids love the simple drag-and-drop gameplay.

The game includes twelve scenes for a total of 32 words to read and spell using phonics. Four game levels provide increasing literacy challenges to preschoolers and kindergartners as they play. All of the content has been vetted by teachers and literacy experts.

★ Parents’ Choice Approved
★ Winner Editor's Choice Award, Children's Technology Review
★ 15 Great Apps for Kids,
★ Parenting Magazine “Best App for Kids”

Bob Books Reading Magic follows the same early literacy methods and principles as the #1 bestselling Bob Books series published by Scholastic. Bob Books were created over 40 years ago to guide children in preschool and kindergarten to the moment when letters first turn into words. By slowly introducing new letter sounds and using consistency, repetition and stories that fit short attention spans, your child will quickly find his or her own ah-ha moment. This is the reading magic of Bob Books. Soon your child will join over 4 million children who can proudly say, “I read the whole book!”®
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