Sexy Hot Japanese Girl Orgasm

发行商: Dirty Old Man
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Sexy Hot Japanese Girl Orgasm is an application that converts your phone into a pleasure machine. Let these hot babe and sexy babe trains your stamina as you play the game. There are pictures with sexy asses. Some come with sexy boobs while majority of them comes with sexy bodies but the main objective of these pictures is not just sexy but to enhance the experience of the gameplay. The goal of this simple game is to chill down the horny girl. You can also set their experience higher to challenge yourself. These hot girl and sexy girl with sexy ass and boob is waiting for you to shake them till they are happy. Filled with sexiness and full with pleasure to make your ownself happy.
The game mechanism consists of a time for your record to see how fast you make her orgasm with high score. A bar to indicate how close to her to hot girl orgasm and when she is having orgasm it will be vibration and sex sound play to simulate a real orgasm. It has all the sexy pictures and sexy sound at your disposal. The application is designed with AI logic to make the experience real with stages. Please play the game till level 10 to unlock full sex sound and complete the bonus challenge to be greeted by sexy surprise!
Note: Contains highly mature content. Please do not download if you are under 18 and also if it offend any of your culture or religion. This application is solely for fun purposes and not to offend anything or anyone.

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