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Brain Games 2

发行商: Syncrom
价格: 0.99 USD


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1. NUMBERS -------------------------------------------------------
Eliminate all the tiles
On each move,place the next tile from the queue.
To eliminate tiles, the value of the tile you're placing should equal the last digit of the sum of it's surrounding numbers.
For example, if you are placing a "4" tile, you can eliminate all surrounding numbers if they add up to 4, or 14, or 24, etc.
If they don't add up, the placed tile is simply added to the board.
You have three special moves at your disposal. Use them wisely as each one is available only once during your game.
Bomber: When placed this will eliminate all surrounding tiles.
Switcher: All remaining numbers on the board are randomly shuffled.
Eliminator: All remaining instances of selected number are removed.
2. Puzzle -------------------------------------------------
This game has several solutions. You have to put the tiles in the board in the correct order, heart with heart, etc.
When you need to spin a tile, you only have to click over it (out of the board, you can't spin the tiles in the board).
To put a tile in the board, you only have to drag & drop the tile in the place you want in the board. If the move is correct, the tile will be put in the board, and in other case, the tile will return to its place, under the board.
If you want to take a tile from the board and put it out the board, you only have to click over it.
3. Cats -------------------------------------------------
This game is very simple, but it is not as easy as you notice :-) You have to block que movements of the mouse. You manage 3 cats. The cats can move to the right, to the left, and can go down in the board, but never can go up. The mouse can move in all directions. You will win when you block the movements of the mouse.
4. Nine tokens -------------------------------------------------
In this game there is a 3x3 board. The tiles are blue, but the center tile. It is yellow. The arrows change the color of the tiles (blue -> yellow, yellow -> blue). You have to change the color of the entire board into yellow.


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