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Pippi Longstocking's Villa Villekulla

发行商: Filimundus AB
价格: 4.99 USD


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Explore Pippi Longstocking's amazing house Villa Villekulla! In here there are no rules. Bring out your inner child and do whatever you want!
* Dress up Pippi and her friends in all sorts of crazy outfits!
* Bake your own wacky cakes and serve them to Pippi and her friends – did they like it?
* Juggle with the best china or why not make a lovely painting on the walls.
* Make your own music in the kitchen or dance with the sailors the living room.
* Don’t want to go to bed? See who can stay awake the longest!
* What happens up in the attic? Maybe you want to play hide and seek the Pippi way?
* Don’t miss the closet where you can hide and curse together with Pippi...
* Why should Christmas and birthdays only happen once a year – in Villa Villekulla every day is a special day!
Pippi Longstocking is the world’s strongest girl and she certainly has her own way of doing things! Pippi lives in the big house Villa Villekulla with her horse Lilla Gubben and her monkey Mr Nilsson and every day her friends Tommy and Annika comes to visit.


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