Momotaro. Has something flowing.

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Masterpiece of the old tale of Japan . That " Momotaro " appeared in the game is !
[ Story ]
Once upon a time , in a certain place and ( omitted)
Grandfather parents ... and have a wash in the river ?
Has something flowing .
[ How to play the game ]
Flowing from the river , the fun character
Demon will destroy the island were taken ! !
Momotaro , dog , monkey , pheasant , the Taitsuman
Let's get to put in a colander in the swipe !
You can use the character that you get
Demon will aim at suppression of the island ! !
All demons to conquer the island ... Another World
I'm waiting for the old man ! ?
[ Game Features ]
Of the extreme popularity that it has also become a picture book or anime
Everyone knows representative of Japan so " old story "
Elementary school , junior high , high school students from kindergarten ,
It is a killing game for adults to play in a wide range of generations .
Download with friends and family because it is free game
Demon of all the cooperation the island , so you Bu~tsutsubushi Chao !
I will be proud to classmates around all demons are conquered , the island !
This game is recommended for this! ]
Game of killing off time train and want
· I want to relieve stress in the action game
- I to improve the game can con effort that is easy to play with simple is not applied
Parody , gag , joke character like
· I want to free games
· I want to crush the demon Bukkake
- I like the old man
· I like loose feel , and character to loose

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