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Army Tank and Truck Parking 3D will prepare future tank heroes for their jobs. The Army Tank Parking game will help you learn how to control tanks at the battlefield and handle massive army vehicles. It's your utmost duty to defend your nation as a tank hero and you must live up to the challenge!
Driving tanks is different than driving trucks, buses, and motorbikes since they are extremely heavy, and have 18 or more wheels. You have to adjust your gas pedal to accelerate the tank properly. Brakes are extremely hard since tanks stops immediately. Consistent effort will help you become the best tank driver in the world.
The game also presents Army Trucks, that are slightly easier than tanks but require more delicate control. Army Tanks are placed in army bases, filled with military soldiers and barracks, that you have to pass through safely. The Tank war game will have enough missions to keep you playing for hours and hours. If you can handle these army tanks and army trucks, then you can win the battle. The US Army is recruiting good tank drivers and army truckers and you can be one of them.
Key Features of Army Tank Parking 3D:
- Stunning Graphics optimized for smartphones and tablets!
- 3D army vehicles including world war tanks and trucks.
- Superior controls for accelerator, brakes, steering and fuel refill.
- Dozens of secrets to discover.
- Beautifully drawn graphics and carefully crafted animation.
- No text and minimal UI, easy for anyone to pick up and play with no instruction.
- City environment and tank traffic duty simulation.
- Options to choose between steering, buttons or accelerometer based on preference.

In this Army Tank and Army Truck Parking game, you will learn how to control army tanks and army trucks.
We hope you will enjoy this Army Tank and Truck Parking 3D Game.
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Developed by Tapinator Inc:
With over 15 million downloads and growing, Tapinator is a New York-based company specializing in developing parking, simulation and racing games.

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