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Behörden Spiegel is currently the most widely circulated independent newspaper for the public sector in Germany. Since 1985 we inform about the Public Administration in Germany.
National, state and local authorities as well as public sector businesses form the sales pillars of Behörden Spiegel. In addition to subscriptions from the public sector, regular readers also include parliaments, trade associations, foreign missions, professional associations and public sector trade unions as well as industrial agencies. Many cities have dense distribution of Behörden Spiegel, particularly where top-level national and state authorities or central administrative establishments meet. Examples of bulk subscription recipients include the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin, the federal office of defence
technology and procurement in Koblenz, the federal administration office in Cologne, the federal criminal police office in Wiesbaden, the federal institute for occupational health and safety in Dortmund, the German meteorological service in Offenbach, the federal office of civil aviation in Braunschweig, the state ministry of the interior in Dresden and the ministries remaining in Bonn.

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