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A new season means a new look for your sweet home! Are you ready to give to your special place a new fresh design? Imagine yourself chillin’ on a new sofa, having tea with your friends at a cool and modern table! It will be awesome and you will feel really amazing living in a new environment. How does the bedroom of your dreams look like? Is it purple? Or is it pink? Does it have fluffy little pillows everywhere or do you prefer lovely poofs around the room? Play this game and design the perfect room for you and your cozy dreams! We have gathered cool and girly beds, wallpapers, lights and plush teddy bears for you to arrange in this cute bedroom, so all you gotta do is to let your creativity work and to create the one bedroom you have always dreamed of! Start your redecorating session and have fun!.
Control: Decorate your room using your fingers.
Categories: decoration games, room decoration, games for girls, girls games, girl games, house decoration
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