Cute Little Baby Care

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In this game, we try to reverse the roles, let us be the little boys and girls, and to be ourselves in the place of parents and caregivers on children, be them both father and mother and sister and brother. We along with our babies in their room where you have to caregivers. Will have to change diapers, to give the powder against moisture, dry wipes to use after, his body baby powder and apply a moisturizer for sensitive skin. Meanwhile we do care babies, we play with them not to cry. We'll give a bottle, we play with the plane, and we'll give muttering sweet little baby will be very happy. At one point while he nursed the baby and give him to eat sweets, we see that some insects appear, which will have to remove the baby. You'll have to pay attention to the little baby Max, otherwise he will start crying big tears. After we played with the baby, he would sit quietly in his bed and we will have to choose what color to have the hair, what hat to give him head, what socks to choose them, what shoes to give it. Eventually he will be very happy that we 've given them very carefully and I cared properly.
Instructions: Play the game using your fingers
Controls: baby diaper change, diaper change, baby care games, girl games, games for girls, baby care, girls games

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