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Running Quest : Endless Run

发行商: Selosoft, Inc.
价格: 1.99 USD


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Running Quest is an Endless Runner / Action-RPG hybrid, inspired by games such as Temple Run 2 and World of Warcraft.
4.5/5 - App Advice - "If you enjoy endless runners, but want a bit of diversity in the gameplay mechanic, then I recommend checking out Running Quest."
8/10 - App Store Arcade - "Running Quest takes what we come to expect from endless-runners and combines well thought out, original RPG elements."
Guarded inside a castle, deep within the heart of Agarom, lay the Stone of Shattered Planes. The stone is a key that can be used to open a portal to the planes of darkness. The power of the stone fueled a raging desire within Nimus, a master thief and clockwork engineer. Nimus envisioned harnessing the power of darkness to reign as King over all of Agarom. Thus he has stolen the stone and fled to an ancient land of clocks and gnomes. You must chase him down and battle your way through hordes of enemies in a rich and vibrant fantasy world filled with adventure!
The fate of the world now rests in your hands. Onward you must run, for your quest will be the tale of ages to come. Download Running Quest now and let the chase begin!


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