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eChalk’s library of interactive games and quizzes for Physics is already used in thousands of schools around the globe. We’ve acted on the requests of our teachers and by popular demand our Physics archive is now available on the Amazon Kindle. Covering the majority of topics studied in Physics at school, eChalk’s Physics app is stacked with games, quizzes and simulations that are ideal to use as starter activities, revision exercises or just five-minute breathers in a long lesson.
Each week you get two free resources to help you learn and explore the exciting world of Physics.
For access to all the resources available, you can purchase an in-app-subscription:
“Full access to Physics resources” – An auto-renewing subscription that gives full access to all Physics resources available in our app, including any future additions. You can choose to pay either a monthly or a yearly recurring payment . eChalk site subscribers can log in to unlock the resource at no additional cost.

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