Zombie Birds (Deutsch)

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Zombie-Bird attack triggered by vindictive biddy!
A vengeful roasted chicken has aroused all peaceless flying undead birds to take revenge on humanity – the menacing Zombie-Birds are on the loose now.
The mostly featherless birds create chaos and attack normally peaceful landscapes in droves. They spread fear and terror in the hearts of everyone in sight.
Attack is the best Defense! So free your old gun from dust and shoot down as many of those ungodly creatures as possible! If you keep a watchful eye on the screen and your reaction is fast enough, you should be able to pick up more powerful guns and other goodies to help you on your mission. You can also destroy many objects in each of the levels. But your main goal is to bring down as many Zombie-Birds as possible!
Get yourself on the highscore table by improving your skills shot by shot. Explore the levels and solve all hidden puzzles to improve your score even further!

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