Wedding Makeover

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Christine is very happy because today it's the most important day of her life, the wedding day. She is very a beautiful girl and she finally is getting married is the chosen ONE. Like all the girls in the world she has been dreaming about her wedding day ever since she was a little girl when he mother used to tell her stories with princesses that got married. She wants to be the beautiful girl in the world on this occasion, so she has made an appointment with you for a full makeover.
You will have to do the makeover today because tomorrow, this pretty young lady is having her wedding, and everything must be prepared and perfect until then. This makeover that you will give her will consist in three big steps meaning a facial treatment, a hair styling and makeup one and of course, the dress up part. Make sure that the products you use are the best on the market.
Have fun helping this bride prepare herself for her dream wedding in this fantastic makeover game called 'Wedding Makeover'.

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