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Moonlight Game Streaming

发行商: Cameron Gutman
价格: 免费


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This app streams games from a GameStream-compatible PC on your local network or the Internet. After initial pairing, Moonlight will launch and show a list of games that it can stream from your PC. Audio and video will be sent back to your Android device. Mouse, keyboard, and controller input is sent from your Android device to the PC.
To have a good experience, you need a mid to high-end wireless router with a good wireless connection to your Android device (5 GHz highly recommended) and a good connection from your PC to your router (Ethernet highly recommended).
Note: This app is not affiliated with NVIDIA Corporation. Please do not contact them for support. Instead, use the support links on this store page.
PC Requirements:
NVIDIA GeForce GTX/RTX series desktop or mobile series GPU (GT-series not supported)
NVIDIA GeForce Experience (GFE) 2.2.2 or later
Solid connection to wireless router (Ethernet recommended or 5GHz wireless if Ethernet is unavailable)
Note for SixAxis users:
You'll want SixAxis in "Native Gamepad" mode for Moonlight to recognize the controller. The default mapping in the current version of SixAxis has the PS3 buttons mapped incorrectly to the standard Android controller layout (buttons are rotated by one), so you'll need to fix this before the PS3 controller will work properly.
1. Make sure GeForce Experience is installed, updated, and that you've scanned for games.
2. In most cases, your PC will show up automatically in the PC list. Click the entry in the PC list to start pairing.
3. On your PC, enter the PIN displayed on the Android device and accept the pairing dialog.
4. Choose your PC in the PC list and the app list will be displayed where you can select a game to stream.
This app is open-source under the GPL. The code can be found here:
All trademarks cited here are the property of their respective owners.


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