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Comet 3D launcher Prime ——Welcome to explore the star trek!
When you download Comet 3D launcher Prime, Please be ready to start a science, exploration, flying parallel universes travel, like the movie "star trek" each element may encounter a different story, every detail to give you a utopian fantasy...
Please keep your eyes, 360 - degree, no dead Angle, to explore Comet 3 d launcher prime to bring the new experience!
Prime features
Metal sense like USS Enterprise
Fashion style of widget,
Wonderful 3D universe experience,
Unique operation way,
Constantly update cool themes,
Comet 3D desktop like science fiction movies, always bring you infinite fantasy...
Open more custom settings, captain, as your wish!
Tornado, wave, windmills, snake... Cooler swipe effects change it every day!
Exclusive custom 3D rotating effect, before rotation, please fastens your seat belts!
Press screen what will happen? Super Trans warp device start at once!
Provide the function of adjusting the size of the icon, mother never need to worry about my near - sighted!
More flexible 3D editing mode, edit pages so easy!
New Desktop Icon, who is the most like Nu Watkins star people? Which two icons like twins?
Dock bar
The new dock bar design, explore infinite space of your screen.
Swipe around the dock bar; change the icon on it, Customize the most suitable dock bar for you!
Swipe dock bar , what hide in? Maybe something dangerous?
3D Folder
A new 3D folder,31 area, leader, It’s yours!
Swipe over the folder,the folder can be filled with any icons that you want
Carol shamed because of the folder’s new suit.
Flip 3D clock, let you experience the feeling of chasing after indigenous people on Nibiru planets.
Click on the calendar, time travel, captain, we set sail!
3D model of quick switch, please guess which planet it come from?
Alien trees, volcanoes, deep sea, sky, more wallpaper is coming.

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