Supercar vs SUV Racing 3D Simulator

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Are you ready to race your SUV against the fastest Supercars on the road? Tighten your seatbelt for this exciting 3D racing game. Choose either a Supercar an SUV and start racing. Drift around those tight corners. Fantastic 3D racing graphics. Super fun physics allow you to race around the track. All the latest Luxury SUV's and Super Cars included.
Take control of the race. Pass your opponents and win the racing challenge. Bump the other cars out of the way. All this takes place with fun 3D graphics and racing controls. This racing simulator goes above and beyond others in the same class.
Special features allow you to get rid of the other cars. What!? Yes, thats right, you can actually win the race in more than one way. You can either win the race by getting first - OR - wipe out all the other cars.
Special Oil Slick button allows you to slick the cars behind you to slow them down.
Rev up your engines and get ready to race your 3D SUV. All the top unbranded super car models are included in this fun sim game. Or, you can decide to race your favorite 3D super car against the luxury SUV. Either way, you can't go wrong with this fun racing app. Get racing now!

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