Psychopaths diagnosis

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In 15 questions , let's check the degree of psychopaths you .
[ Example ]
You are a woman . Funeral was held husband died .
The young priest that came to the funeral , you I have a love at first sight .
After a few days , you will be killing their own children .
Well , it would be why ?
In this app , I have prepared a test ( sociopath ) received psychopaths .
You might even psychopaths After selecting the answer the same as psychopaths , maybe . . .
How to use
Press the start , please answer the 15 questions .
And without thinking too deeply , please answer intuition .
and psychopaths
Called (Psychopath) psychopaths in English psychopath .
It is described as " one . Personality disorder that personality depart , himself worry about or annoy society for its " According to the Daijirin of Sanseido .
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