Electricity: Complete Review

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Complete Electricity and Magnetism Review
Reviews + Quizzes + Exams
"One of the most detailed electricity and magnetism review apps on the market."
Are you disappointed with your last E/M Review purchase? Was it incomplete and/or misleading by giving the wrong information? Well look no further, as you have stumbled upon an intuitive and complete review of the physics involved with electricity and magnetism.
This app will improve your understanding over the Calculus and Fundamentals of PHYSICS: Electricity and Magnetism.
Whether you are a college student seeking help throughout the semester or a graduate preparing for a tough exam, this is the app for you.
The in-depth review will quickly grab your attention with general principles, important concepts, equations, and real world applications.

After each review, quiz yourself on each topic with many multiple choice questions.
Standardized Scoring coming soon...
- 3 - University Exams are available for additional testing, including a Final Exam - Keys are posted to check your answers.
All Topics Covered:
-Electric Charges and Forces
-The Electric Field
-Gauss's Law
-The Electric Potential
-Potential and Field
-Current and Resistance
-Fundamentals of Circuits - DC circuits
-The Magnetic Field
-Electromagnetic Induction
-Electromagnetic Fields and Waves
-AC Circuits

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