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Learn and enjoying guiding lost child panda to her mother panda using English conversation phrases.
This English game have the total number of 750 questions over 21 genres! This game is very simple and I'm sure you will have a good time learning English.
In every correct response to the problem of English phrases, the lost child panda will be taken slowly to his mother.
Don't miss
1. It's very easy to learn on your own through our 21 genres that is divided with "greeting", "self-introduction", "love", "shopping" and "meal" and many more.
2. There are "750 questions" or more and you can easily remembered them because it is just a short English phrases. These phrases can be very useful on given time or situation.
3. We have archived features too! It is very possible to review all the "Correct answers" and "Mistakes" that you made. This feature helps you speed up your learning more effectively.
4. If you want to answer all our questions randomly without having a time limit, then you can try our Practice mode. This is very recommended if you want to learn the phrases as a whole.
You can only enjoy some of the features in the free version.

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