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Eggy Words

发行商: Blake eLearning
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Eggy Words 250HD is an application designed to help children recognise and learn sight words. Sight words are words that readers should know automatically “at sight”, such as he, the, was and where. This app covers the first 250HD sight words using a fun and motivating game to keep kids learning.
Learning to read is an important milestone in every child’s life. Knowing these sight words makes fluent reading easier, which lets the brain focus on the real enjoyment of reading – comprehension – understanding and enjoying what you read.
Eggs Words 250 is brought to you by the team behind the popular educational website Reading Eggs. Developed by educators with more than 20 years experience, the program comes highly recommended by parents and teachers worldwide.
Key features:
- 10 levels with 25 words in each, making a total of 250 sight words.
- First 4 levels are unlocked
- Fun and motivating game suitable for children aged 3+ years
- Most common, highest frequency words are introduced first
- Multisensory approach - combining voice and written words
- Choice of accents – Australia, English, United States
- Flying eggs with the correct word to be swiped
- 3 lives per level
- Lives are lost when bad eggs, distractions and wrong words are swiped
- Mini eggs provide extra lives
- Jigsaw eggs build a surprise jigsaw
- The word is spelt at the end of each lesson
- Egg ratings to be earned for every level
- Egg critters with unique animations hatch at the end of a level
- Bonus level with 100 golden eggs
- Trophies earned for completing 25 levels


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