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Skyling: Garden Defense

发行商: Mighty Studios, LLC
价格: 0.99 USD


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Skyling: Garden Defense is a 2D, isometric maze game that blends classic gameplay from Pac-Man, Q*bert and Crystal Castles with a whimsical presentation filled with blooming plants, colorful monsters and sleeping cats.
"One of the cutest indie arcade games to ever exist on the planet!"
- SweetieSwitch, YouTube Game Reviews
"A very fun game with a lot of replay-ability"
- Shannon Flowers,
"A super cute and adorable puzzle game!"
- Jennifer Bochniak, InJeneral
Help a young Skyling named Bloom restore each garden by touching every square with her magical toes. As she steps on a square, it will spring back to life. But be careful, the gardens have been overrun with Blight Monsters that want to destroy everything, including young Bloom! Thankfully, some gardens have switches, gates and elevators you can use to avoid their grasp.
The gardens are also home to some adorable sleeping cats. Not even a Blight Monster will bother a sleeping kitty! Move the cats around to keep the Blight Monsters away, or use them to hold down switches for you. They don't mind. They'll sleep anywhere!
Inspired by arcade classics like Pac-Man, Q*Bert and Crystal Castles. Simple, maze-game fun for all ages.


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