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Goat Gone Wild Simulator 2: Boom Goes the Dynamite

发行商: 3D Gamecraft
价格: 0.99 USD


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Your favorite explosive goat simulator is back for another round of dynamite fun. This time he enters a crowded city - loaded with even more dynamite. This goat is ready to rampage everything in sight. He's crazy and he's super fast. Race him around the city. Blow up everything in sight. The goat simulator like nothing else. All in super fun 3d graphics.
You enter the city level and come upon some citizens. They think nothing of you - after all, you are just a silly goat. Jokes on them!
Push some things together - plant the dynamite - and Boom goes the dynamite. (Classic youtube video). Cars, People, boxes, crates, pipelines, houses, grills, mailboxes, trash cans and- Gas Station!! Plenty of fun.
Step into the farm level - only available for those cool enough to get the Pro version.
Enjoy all the fun effects - get shocked by the light poles, see it rain fire when you knock over a fire hydrant. Plenty more fun surprises are in store for you.
Goat Gone Wild Simulator 2 is just the game you have been looking for. If you think we can do better, please let us know. We tried our best to make it super fun and optimized for most devices. If you have an older device, you are going to have some slowness. Sorry, we tried hard to make it fun for the majority of player. Just a 3D goat living in a 3D world.


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