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The Way to 1.200

发行商: Papadopoulos Makis
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Three cushion billiards. A very difficult game but very interesting too.
If you start play in an advance level, you can never get away from it.
In three cushion billiards the player in order to achieve one point, he has to make
a carom using at least three cushions. This rule makes the game very difficult.
We calculate a player's performance in three cushion billiards using the term "General Average".
General average is the number that comes out if we divide the caroms by the innings
in all matches that a player plays in a certain period (during a whole tournament or during a year).
So a player that has a 0.500 General Average is a low level player.
A player that has a general average about 0.333 (that means that he makes one carom every three innings) is a beginner
and a player that has 1.000 g.a. (that means that in every inning he manages to do a carom) is in a high level.
International level starts from general average 1.200 and this application's goal is to demonstrate you the way of how you are going to achieve this performance.
This application is signed by one of the top three cushion world players, Nick Polychronopoulos that he performs in a general average of 1.750 about.
There is only one way to achieve 1.200 (or higher) general average in three cushion billiards.
You can do it only if you know how to drive the balls in such way that your next point will be an easy one.
In this application Nick Polychronopoulos demonstrates 120 basic points in three cushion billiards.
He teaches the way that all top three cushion billiard players play these points.
Training in these points will improve your game and will increase your general average.
We wish this application helps you to improve and enjoy this wonderful game
A few words from Nick Polychronopoulos
Welcome to the world of the three-cushion billiards.
Three- cushion billiards is one of the most important parts in my life.
I remember that the first time I hold the cue in my hands, even though I was only 11 years old,
what I felt was awe and love for this game.
Today, after 20 years of experience and distinctions,
I feel the need to share with people who love billiards, the way three- cushion is played,
hoping that in this way more and more people will discover this fantastic world.
Based on a Chinese saying which claims that if you learn people how to fish they will
have food for the rest of their life, so regarding me, what I wish to do is to teach people
the ways through which three- cushion is played, having at the same time great records.
You have to be sure that if you work hard, you can succeed a lot, and that the game
is divided into three parts according to the level of difficulty.
These categories exist even though you change the ball distance and the placing position(
as can be seen in the result table) which is unique.
But, bear in mind, that while playing, even though you cannot reach this placing position,
there are other easy ways where you can make a run of cannons.
Finally, do not forget to visit our website and register to our newsletter.
In this way, all your queries can be solved, and at the same time more and more videos
will be uploaded that will show the cannons. Last but not least, do not forget to make
like in our facebook page
I wish you good luck with lots of distinctions.
Nick Polychronopoulos


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