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Cops N Robbers (FPS) - Mine Mini Game With Survival Multiplayer Free

发行商: Riovox
价格: 免费


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Cops N Robbers (FPS) is one of the Cops N Robbers multiplayer shooting games developed by JoyDo Entertainment.
Cops N Robbers presents a theme of jails, players could choose characters of cops or robbers freely. This is a classical survival multiplayer shooting game.
If you are fond of looking for multiplayer games, if you wanna download free games, if you want to have extraordinary experience through FPS games, mini battle games… download it and battle now!
1. Multiplayer support.
2. Sky & Environment effect setting.
3. Detail effects: bullet holes & spark effect…
4. Chat System in game: team chat or all players chat. (With words filter)
5. Weapon System (50+ weapons): AK47, M4, M87T, RPG, AWP, G36K, MP5KA5, UZI, M249, Desert Eagle, M67…with great 3D pixel models & pixel textures!
6. Armor System: classic cops and robbers style armors, also crafting customized armors is available.
7. Skin System (40 + skins).
8. Beautiful UI & comfortable control.
9. Maps (20 + interesting maps) .
10. Game Mode: now support 5 modes - Stronghold Mode & Team Death Match Mode & Killing Competition Mode & Peace Mode & Ghost Mode.
11. Profile System: Weapon Equipping & Armor Equipping & Skin Set.
12. Rewards: Killing Reward, Headshot Reward, God-Like Killer Reward… (easy coins earning!)
13. Damage setting: (Head, body, leg) - Different position with different damage.
14. Growth System: Level, Rank, Reward.
15. Slots: win the skins and weapons.
1. Three difficulty setting: Easy, Normal, Hard.
2. Unlock next difficulty choice with 4 levels.
1. Support up to 12 players worldwide.
2. 5 different online regions you can choose. (US, EU, AS, JP, CN)
3. Switch team dynamically in game.
4. Create & Join Rooms: Play with other players all around the world.
*** DESIGN ***
1. Pixel & Block-based Scene, Character, Props, Weapons.
2. Awesome cops & funny robbers, the high quality models design.
3. Jail Break & Jungle Battle & Fighting N Shooting. Play with your friends!!!
*** MORE ***
Language localizations: English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, French, German, Korean.
Anti-Cheating process: keep fairness.
*** Support & Feedback ***


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