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Atomic Cow Simulator 3D

发行商: 3D Gamecraft
价格: 0.99 USD


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It was a calm and peaceful summer day. Everyone was going about their business. Birds were happily chirping on the sun. Horses and goats were quietly grazing on the farm. Trains, cars and trucks were going from place to please, delivering important for the town goods. People were walking on the streets, suspecting absolutely nothing.
And only one cow was up to no good...
That dark-minded cow was plotting to create its own social order. Destruction, disorder, panic and chaos were main components of that new order. Armed with explosive and deadly poo, the cow went on the mission of its life...
--Control a funny 3D Cow
--Huge 3D Farm map with plenty of space to rome
Help the cow with its wicked, evil plans. Guide it to a successful creation of chaos!
Out of all 3D animal simulator games this is a truly explosive one! Navigate a bulky, clumsy cow into all the corners of the town while dropping stinky bombs on everything that moves and not. Use your strong and sharp horns to bump into walls, fences, cars and people, making everything crush, break and fall.
You are just an invincible cow that one day woke up mad!
Roam around the town creating your own rules. There is nothing that can stay untouched under your mighty power.
Compete with others to see whose cow is faster, stronger and destroys more on its way. Go to the leaderboard to check out the scores of others and try to beat them all!
Want to be covered by the darkness of night to fulfill your malicious plans? Unlock the night level and no one will ever learn who ruined a perfectly predictable and stable life in town.


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