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Talking Cat

发行商: Balkanboy Media
价格: 0.99 USD


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You always wanted a cat, but you really don't have the time to take care of it? What if you can get a pet that requires almost no care at all? Yes! It is possible! Talking Cat is a funny ginger cat which will fill your days with laughter and entertainment as you pet, poke or tease him and even play dress up games together! The only care you need to do with this tomcat is to clean your device screen once in a while!
Talking Cat is a virtual pet you will want to show to your friends. Tomcat Toby might seem mean, but neither you nor your friends will be able to resist the charm of this silly talking kitty. Once you start playing dress up games with the ginger cat, other talking animals will be stacked somewhere in the far corner of your mind. Believe us, the meaner tiger cat and you will become best talking friends in a blink of an eye.
Wouldn't it be nice if you could play with cats and enjoy without getting scratched? With this tiger cat you can do that. The app is simple, which is why it's a good cat game for toddlers. Yet, it is cool and fun, which makes it a great pastime game for girls and boys, but a game for adults as well. So, what are you waiting for? Download my virtual pet app and get a new funny cat that talks.
It is the cool app features that contribute to this game being a cool game for toddlers and becoming one of your favorites. Some of them are:
- Dress up button- play dress up games and clothe your talking cat Toby according to your desires to make it look funny, fancy or elegant,
- Talk to the tomcat and it will repeat everything you say in a funny voice,
- Pet, poke and tickle the cat to make it jump, smile, or get angry.
Playing with talking cats is always fun, they tend to take animal games onto the next level. Not only will this ginger cat listen to you, but it will repeat what you say making it sound super cool. Once you add the silly outfit to the funny voice, Toby, the cat that talks, will become your mood maker for bad and good days all year around. Do not hesitate! Download the Talking Cat to and prepare to be swept off your feet!


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