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Elevation Moon

发行商: Ripside LLC
价格: 0.99 USD


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Explore the near and far sides of the Moon in full 3D exaggerated terrain. The quick and fun way to learn about the Moon's terrain from its deepest impact craters to its highland region on its far side. Create and share stunning imagery from any angle and location, color and elevation exaggeration. Familiarize yourself with the Moon globe to the extent that you can point out features to others unaided.
- High-resolution 3D topographic model of the Moon.
- Use simple gestures to control zoom, pan, rotation and tilt of your Moon view.
- Create stunning images from any angle and zoom.
- Choose from a variety of color schemes to provide impressive renderings of any part of the surface of the Moon.
- Color schemes include
- Color satellite imagery, actual NASA satellite imagery
- Monochrome satellite imagery
- Gray Moon like elevation coloring
- Gray layers
- Vivid, strong colors with lots of contrast
- Layers, many different color ranges that show off
- Terra form, colors that imitate what would happen as the Moon was being terraformed
- Tour over 100 important features including Landing sites, Mountains, Canyons, Craters, Plains. Also with over 900 other labeled locations.
- Use the exaggeration option to increase difference between the high and low points on the Moon. This exaggeration helps to emphasize the true beauty and extremes of the terrain on a planetary scale.
- Use the info window to display the imaginary amount of water area and volume on the Moon and watch it change dynamically as you alter the water level.
- Adjust an imaginary sea level and amount of water on the Moon, watching it flood or drain areas of the terrain based on its elevation.
- Share your high resolution imagery with friends via email, messaging, Facebook etc.
- Direct link to Wikipedia information about the current location.
- Help documentation included in app.
- Full 3D navigation - View the Moon from any angle.
- Choose from a number of color palettes.
- Display satellite imagery.
- Control the colors displayed at different elevations.
- Increase and decrease the exaggeration of the elevation.
- Show how the Moon would look with water from the Earth's oceans and seas.


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