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Dictionary is an application of Chinese dictionary that combines the "function of the electronic dictionary" and "sense of a paper dictionary" Shogakukan-day China and Japan.
13,500 overwhelm parent character, 100,000 word count, of 90,000 examples as "Sino-Japanese Dictionary", number 90 000 recorded items of Japan's largest-Sai詳, 150,000 example This application, "Japan-China Dictionary" the Ruisho it is off-line electronic dictionary application that was set to the native sound of about 16,000 not to book further.
The tablet for, I support landscape (horizontal direction).
The beautiful one. Chinese. Page easy to read easy to see
In the dictionary page, in consideration for beginners, we have written to all the pinyin translation. It has a commitment in consideration margin, even between the lines, I expressed the beauty of Chinese dictionary application only. Character size adjustable!
In simple words you want to check 2.. Search & audio playback
Each time a character is input the words that you want to examine, while checking the number in real time from both the dictionary during the day China and Japan narrowed down "incremental search", "forward / backward / exact match" search suggestions "Heading / example it has been achieved and search "you mean" that displays similar words aND search that specifies more than one word, ", for those words that are ambiguous spelling, a variety of search functions.
- Pinyin search
Search Enter Pinyin Chinese kanji "Chunichi search".
Enter it with a tone number of 0-4 if you want to specify a tone.
- Entry word search
• The Sino-Japanese search, in the search field, you can search from the Sino-Japanese dictionary type and Pinyin and Chinese
-Day search will search in dictionary from Sun enter the Japanese
Japanese is compatible hiragana, rattling, in Chinese characters.
Chinese, supports Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese to.
- Examples Volume Search
· I find items from about 210 000 in the Japanese or pinyin and Chinese during the day dictionary and Sino-Japanese dictionary
- Audio playback
Native sound of about 16 000 important words also included
Learning Looking back three. "Bookmarks" and "history"
When you want to mark the dictionary page and "Bookmarks". Are classified into a folder of your favorite, you can categorized.
You can also look back for the app to record automatically in the "history of displaying" word which has been displayed once, impressions can be confirmed.
In addition, it offers can be re-search immediately search terms of the past "search history".
4. Copy and paste
The ability to quote or a memo e-mail, word or sentence can then be easily shared.
You can read also illustrated a number of columns and column cultural background and commentary wording, such as scene-specific expression of popular conversation in the book version.


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