Fairy Flower Garden

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Our Fairy has began to fly over the garden when suddenly noticed that one area of the garden have no flowers and there is no gardener around to handle this job. In this game you have to help the fairy to plant some flowers in the empty space in her garden to be the most beautiful flower garden that you saw before. Must help the fairy to buy items needed to plant a flower garden and cover all with a special place. First you have to help the fairy to buy a wand, a broom, a spray device, a solution to flowers and less land. In the next level you have to help clean up the entire area without flowers, so you can plant and grow beautiful as well. You need to clean all traces of water left to pick leaves and flowers before. In the next level you must plant flowers. To do this you have to dig a hole, put the seeds in it, and then to water flowers with a special solution to help them grow faster. Thank you for choosing this game with fairies and please try other games for girls from our developer to test your skills.
Instructions: Use your fingers to play

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