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Fix My Car: Zombie Survival - Repair and mod a car to escape the apocalypse!

发行商: FireRabbit
价格: 1.99 USD


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Scavenge, build, survive! The infection is spreading quickly so work quickly with your beautiful and resourceful partner to find performance parts, tools, and supplies and use your mechanic skills to transform a run-down muscle car into a mean, high performance, zombie-proof ride! Pimp out your auto with dozens of engine, armor, weapon, suspension, body, and interior mods, and then detail it!
* This is the FULL version of the game. It has all the game content and NO ads! *
Work as a team to fortify and take control of a high-end auto body shop, complete with cutting edge tools and equipment, to build the ultimate car and use it to escape the city! It may be the zombie apocalypse, but nothing says you can't have fun professionally upgrading your car, exploring the facilities, and gathering supplies!
First and foremost this is a car fixing simulation game, where you perform work ranging from routine maintenance to extensive performance upgrades. Rip it apart, fix it, build it back together better than ever, and then detail it to perfection! This is a top fun and free 3D mechanic simulator game of 2015, one of the best! Finding items is similar to an HD Hidden Objects game.
+ 60+ objectives and upgrades to complete (FULL version only).
+ Dozens of tools and cool after-market parts to find and install!
+ Cool high-end body shop environment to explore and defend; block off windows and doors to buy more time work on your car!
+ Take advantage of high-tech shop equipment to perform dozens of jobs, ranging from basic routine maintenance to outrageous performance mods!
+ Built-in hint system (FULL version only) so you never get stuck!
+ No in-app purchases... everything is unlocked upfront!
+ No ads (FULL version only)!

+ Feed the engine the air it craves by installing a Cold Air Intake.
+ Hook up NOS to the engine to give it a boost!
+ The dash computer is locked out. Hack it to gain access!
+ Install performance gauges on the dash so you can monitor your car.
+ Find a medkit and pack it in the back seat of your car. You may need it...
+ Find and install a chaingun on your hood. Now you mean business.
+ The windows in the car room are vulnerable. Secure them!
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